Piute County Rainbow
Discover the Magic and Beauty of the
Land Where the Rainbow Ends

Exploring Central Utah


Rent a 4-Wheeler or bring your own, either way, you won't want to miss exploring central Utah via the famous Paiute ATV Trial. Covering hundreds of miles through three mountain ranges, the trail accesses numerous towns within Piute County where services are readily available. Scenic mountains red-rock canyons, tree-lined trails - the Paiute ATV Trail has them all.

Paiute ATV Trail - This famous trail is a 278-mile loop plus 1,100 miles of side trails over three mountain ranges. Much of the trail is located in the beautiful Fishlake National Forest or on the lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The trail includes elevations from 5,100 to 11,000 feet and from novice to advanced terrain.

Tushar Mountains - On the remains of an ancient volcano, the Tushar Mountains rise above the timberline to 12,000 feet. Mountain goats live on the rocky crags and may be seen by the watchful rider. The trail runs through the Kimberly Ghost Town where 3,000 gold miners worked the hills in the early 1900s. A side trip can be taken down several overlooks along the Piute Reservoir State Park and several overlooks along the trail afford spectacular views.

Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree - Each September, ATV enthusiasts from around the country gather at points of the Paiute Trail for the annual ATV Jamboree. With guided rides on the Paiute, Great Western Trail and Fremont Trail, this six-day event provides an opportunity to get to know the trail, meet fellow ATV riders, and enjoy the beauty of Central Utah. For information regarding the Jamboree contact 1-877-47-EVENT or visit the web site at ATVJam.Com.

Round About

Big Rock Candy Mountain - Ten minutes north of Piute County on Highway 89, this caramel-colored rock formation is world famous as popularized by a song written by Haywire Mack and performed by Burl Ives. Modern cabins, rafting, kayaking, biking, and access to the Paiute ATV Trail makes this mountain a must visit for adventurers. Call toll-free for information 1-888-560-7625.

Clear Creek Canyon - Thirty minutes north of Piute County on 1-70. As early as 5200 B.C., prehistoric hunters and gatherers roamed the rugged canyon. Centuries later, Spanish explorers passed through it, as did the early trappers, including Jedediah Smith, who left his initials and a date on the canyon walls. In 1985, during the construction of interstate 70, the remains of an ancient Fremont Indian settlement were unearthed. Five Fingers Ridge contained more than 100 structures and is thought to have housed up to 100 people in its prime. Materials excavated during the project are now on display at the Fremont Indian State Park, located in the canyon. Hiking trails are available for viewing petroglyphs and pictographs. Call 425-527-4631 for more information.

Cove Fort - Forty five minutes north of Piute County n the 1-70. Cove Fort was built as the way station for travelers in 1867 out of volcanic rock and limestone that were quarried nearby. It has been restored to original quality, including authentic period furnishings and artifacts. The Fort is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to sunset, except during times of bad weather. Free guided tours are available.