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Alunite Photo - Provided by Dave Dyet

Piute County at one time held a vast mineral wealth, from uranium to alunite, from gold to tale. Piute County has the world's largest alunite deposits and is the largest producer of primary-type uranium ore (Autunite Uraninite) in the United States. The rail yards of the D. & R. G.W. Railway, which ended at Marysvale, accommodated the shipments of ore and other machinery and materials to and from the County. The mountains of Marysvale would produce a steady stream of mineral wealth from nearly a hundred years and each year would bring forth new finds of promising prospects. Uranium was unknown in Piute County until 1948. It was found then by a local prospector, and since then has produced millions of dollars worth of uranium ore. As said before, mining was once a booming industry in Piute County. Gold, silver, and other valuable metals brought prospectors and miners to the area from the 1860s through the early 1900s. Some of the mining camps like Bullion, Webster, and Alunite became large communities in their heyday.

Kimbery, Utah
Photograph by
Lowe Channing

The Kimberly Mine, located in the Tushar Mountains, was once the Queen of Utah gold camps, employing 300 miners around the turn of the century. The town flourished until its mines closed in 1907. It is now a ghost town. Visitors can see some of the old mines along the 2.5 mile Canyon of Gold Driving Tour, that starts at the Fishlake National Forest boundary in Bullion Canyon west of Marysvale. A brochure, available at the trail head, interprets 10 historic mining features, including old mill sites, mines, the foundation of a boarding house, remnants of an 1870's toll road and an arrastra, which may be of Spanish origin. The highlight of the tour is Miner's Park. An easy quarter-mile trail, winds around interpretive displays of authentic late 1800 and early 1900 mining equipment. Other features include a mine portal and shaft, a fully furnished cabin, and a blacksmith's shed. A picnic area is available.

Piute Reservoir

The Tushar Mountains and Parker Range, laced by mountain streams, form the roots for recreational areas, and as we are located in the midst of the largest mule deer herd in the United States. Many hunters enjoy the beauty of Piute County during the fall deer hunting season. Fishing is also good in Piute County, and there are State Boating Parks at both Piute and Otter Creek Reservoirs. These Parks offer boat docks and camping areas for the water skier, fisherman, camper and boating enthusiasts.

Our major source of income is from beef cattle. Dairy cattle and sheep also contribute to the economy of the county. There is considerable summer range in the high mountains and spring and winter range in the low hills.

Piute County is rich in mineral treasures and rich in scenery, too. Several scenic drives takes you into the heart of the mountains and unfold magnificent mountain views.